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Business Start-Up NMBG is focused on supporting the next generation of business leaders

We proudly sponsor StartUp Suffolk with volunteer expertise and mentoring. We contributed to the advisory board of StartUp Britain and its localisation programme.



NMBG has developed deep specialist expertise in helping ambitious people with a business idea to properly and realistically evaluate both their prospects and their commitment. Taking any business venture to market requires an activity based plan that covers the four key phases of business success, described as, relate, create, promote and monetise.

A good plan will detail what success looks like and will set out a clear journey to reach it identifying the likely road blocks that will need to be navigated. A good plan will very often require funding and, when you need to raise investment capital you will also need to plan your fund attraction journey. NMBG has experience of reviewing the many sources of funding and presenting management teams with a good plan in an attractive way. We can help with:-

Identifying customer wants and defining precise target markets.

Understanding customer buying behaviour and the competition.

Designing your offer to be well differentiated, attractive and profitable.

Building your brand identity.

Designing your operation and fulfilment.

Build promotions, partners and affiliates.

Measure and review results.

Fulfil with excellence.

Sell broader and deeper.

Above all, please avoid spending all your seed money before realising you cannot get to positive cash.