New Media because we have been harnessing the power of the Internet since the 1990’s

Business Group because we support experienced and focused specialists to be business leaders and several of them prefer to work collaboratively

The leaders of NMBG companies are being supported whilst fully responsible for their own success.

The leader of each NMBG company is passionate about ensuring your success as a business leader. That ethos is the vision that guides their business and its services.

New Media Business Group was founded by our chairman Tim Meadows-Smith who had bought and sold two businesses before leaving school. He spent fifteen years ‘training’ working for several of the world’s most famous brand owners, Kellogg’s, Premier Foods, Pillsbury and Grand Metropolitan, in sales marketing, general management and international board roles. He set up Häagen-Dazs ice cream across much of Europe with its now famous ‘ice cream for adults’ positioning. In his first venture after retiring from corporate life he won the DTI grocery exporter of the year for selling tea to China. He has since been involved in numerous business start up and turnaround ventures, helping dozens of business leaders on their personal journey to business success.

Business Incubation and Business Rescue can be supported in various specialist ways, either as a service or as an investment with the new or reformed venture joining NMBG.

Business Management covers a variety of contracted services including a turnkey service to manage a business for and answerable to investors. BOT is a variation on that theme where a new activity is initiated and incubated through the early stages of growth before transferring the business back to its sponsor owners.

Business Services in a variety of specialist fields are supplied as a service by NMBG member companies.